Monday, March 25, 2013

Week of March 25th

Welcome back! I hope everyone had an enjoyable spring break! I did a lot of recuperating after my surgery and I'm glad to be back!

Monday: GGG problem 2.1
    Homework: pg. 16 # 35-37 & pg. 24 #2 due Wednesday

Tuesday: GGG Problem 2.2

Wednesday: GGG Problem 2.3
    Homework: pg. 27 #8 & pg. 29 #21 due Friday

Thursday: GGG Problem 3.1

Friday: GGG Problem 3.2
    Homework: Exponent Mult/Div Practice due Monday

Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Correction to homework due 3/13/13

I inadvertently left #47 off the homework assignment. It should be:

pg. 17 #40-42 and 47, pg. 27 #9-12 due Wednesday 3/13

Thank you!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Week of March 11th

We are continuing our book Growing, Growing, Growing. We will finish Investigation 1 on Tuesday and take the quiz Wednesday. Only 1 homework assignment for this short week!
Reminder: I will not be here for Thursday conferences due to my surgery on Wednesday. Thank you to those of you that have conferenced by email.

Monday: Continue Problem 1.3
    Homework: pg. 17 #40-42 & pg. 27 #9-12 due Wednesday

Tuesday: Finish 1.3/1.4
    Conferences 4-8

Wednesday: GGG Investigation 1 Quiz
   No Homework over break

Thursday: Conferences 11-8

Friday: No school

Week of March 18th - Spring Break!

Have a wonderful break!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, March 12 from 4-8pm and Thursday, March 14 from 11am-8pm. I told my students today that I am having surgery on Wednesday, March 13 and I will miss conferences on Thursday, March 14. If you had planned to attend that day, please let me know and I can schedule a different time to meet with you. I will be glad to meet during my plan time or right before/after school sometime this week or early next week.
If everything goes well, I will be back to school after Spring Break.
Thank you for your understanding,
Mrs. Anderson

Week of March 4th

We started a new book today called Growing, Growing, Growing. I reminded the students again today that any missing work from our state assessment prep is due by 3:45pm tomorrow (March 5th).

Monday: GGG Problem 1.1
    Homework: pg. 11 #2-7 & pg. 12 #15-20 due Wednesday

Tuesday: Solving Equations Symbolically (Practice)

Wednesday: GGG Problem 1.2
    Homework: Exponent Practice BB9&BB10 due Monday, March 11th

Thursday: GGG Problem 1.2/1.3

Friday: No School

Friday, March 1, 2013

We're done!!

We finished state testing yesterday and we are ready to start a new book! The kids did a great job!

Today we will learn about Scientific Notation and take a pre-test for our new book, Growing, Growing, Growing.

Homework, due Monday, will be practice with Scientific Notation.

Have a great weekend! Mrs. Anderson