Monday, September 30, 2013

Week of September 30th

Wow! I don't know where September went! We are finishing our unit Moving Straight Ahead this week. Our unit test is this Friday. The students were given a study guide on Friday that will be due the day of the test. It is worth 25 points.
Also, any missing work or corrections from this unit are due by Friday, October 4th at 3:45pm. We will move to a new unit next week.

Monday: Problem 4.2
    Homework: Study guide due Friday (spend 15 minutes per day working on the study guide)

Tuesday: Problem 4.3

Wednesday: Unit Review

Thursday: Unit Review

Friday: Unit Test
    Homework: Worksheet due Monday

Monday, September 23, 2013

Week of September 23rd

The Investigation 3 quiz is Tuesday, September 24th.

Monday: Finish Problem 3.5 and review for quiz
    Homework: MSA pg. 59 #12 due Wednesday

Tuesday: Investigation 3 Quiz
    Homework: Find stair measurements in inches for Wednesday (rise and run of the stair)

Wednesday: Begin problem 4.1
    Homework: pg. 60 #21 & #22 due Friday

Thursday: Continue problem 4.1

Friday: Begin problem 4.2
   Homework: pg. 79 #4-12 due Monday

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week of September 16th

This week we will continue to work through Investigation 3. I have tentatively scheduled the Investigation 3 quiz for Tuesday, September 24th.

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Begin Problem 3.4
    Homework: Equation Practice Worksheet due Thursday

Wednesday: Continue Problem 3.4

Thursday: Begin Problem 3.5
    Homework: MSA pg. 59 #14 & #15 due Monday

Friday: Continue Problem 3.5

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week of September 9th

Monday: Begin Problem 3.2
    Homework: Combining Like Terms worksheet due Wednesday

Tuesday: Problem 3.2

Wednesday: Finish Problem 3.2/Begin 3.3
    Homework: pg. 60 !8,19,20, & 21 due Friday

Thursday: Problem 3.3

Friday: Problem Finish 3.3/Begin 3.4
    Homework: Equation Worksheet due Tuesday

No school Monday, September 16!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week of September 3rd

Welcome back from Labor Day weekend! I can't believe it's already September. We are finally going to finish problem 2.4 this week!

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Finish Problem 2.4
    Homework: Order of Operations worksheet due Thursday

Wednesday: MAPS testing in the computer lab

Thursday: Problem 3.1
    Homework: MSA pg. 57 #3 & #4 due Monday

Friday: Finish Problem 3.1/ begin problem 3.2