Friday, October 31, 2014

Update to week of October 27th

I did not hand out the study guide today as planned. I decided to make some changes to it and I will hand it out on Monday.

I did not assign homework for the weekend, but I did tell students that they could work on missing work and/or corrections. Any work from this unit is due by Thursday, November 6th @ 3:45pm.

We will take the unit test on Friday, November 7th.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week of October 27th

We are continuing through the book, Looking For Pythagoras. We will work through Investigation 3 this week. I am tentatively planning the unit test for next week, Thursday or Friday.

Monday: Problem 3.1/3.2
    HW: pg. 50 #9-12 (on a worksheet) due Wednesday

Tuesday: Problem 3.2/3.3

Wednesday: Problem 3.3
    HW: pg 50 #5-8 and pg. 54 #27 due Friday

Thursday: Problem 3.4

Friday: Problem 3.4/Pythagorean Theorem Practice
    HW: Study guide will be assigned Thursday or Friday (the unit test will be November 6th or 7th)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week of October 20th

Problem 2.4, working with cube roots, slowed us down last week. We are ready to start Investigation 3 this week.
This week we have Parent Teacher Conferences. I hope to see all of you either Tuesday evening or Thursday. Thank you!

Monday: Problem 3.1
    HW: LFP pg. 32 47-58 due Wednesday

Tuesday: Problem 3.1/3.2
    Conferences: 4pm-8pm

Wednesday: Problem 3.2
    HW: Cube Root Practice due Monday

Thursday: No school - conferences 9am-6pm

Friday: No school

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week of October 13th

We took our quiz over Investigation 1 & 2 on Friday and we will finish up Investigation 2 this week. Problem 2.4 covers cube roots and volume, we will have a separate quiz over this material.
 We don't have school Friday for the end of the quarter.

Monday: Problem 2.4
    HW: LFP pg. 30 14-37 due Wednesday

Tuesday: Problem 2.4

Wednesday: Problem 3.1
    HW: Volume Practice CC-42 due Monday

Thursday: Problem 3.1/3.2

Friday: No school - end of first quarter

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week of October 6th

We quickly worked through Investigation 1 and started Investigation 2 in Looking For Pythagoras. We will have a quiz over both Investigations on Friday.

Monday: Finish Problem 2.1/Start 2.2
    HW: Square root practice CC-47 due Wednesday

Tuesday: Problem 2.2/2.3

Wednesday: Problem 2.3
    HW: Complete the Square worksheet due Friday

Thursday: Problem 2.4

Friday: Investigation 1 & 2 Quiz
    HW: Square root practice CC-48 due Monday