Monday, January 26, 2015

Week of January 26th

We are continuing in the book, Growing, Growing, Growing this week.

Monday: Problem 1.3
    HW: pg. 18 #14 (given on a worksheet) due Wednesday

Tuesday: Problem 1.3/2.1

Wednesday: Problem 2.1
    HW: pg. 19 #15 due Friday

Thursday: Problem 2.2

Friday: Problem 2.3
    HW: Scientific Notation practice due Monday

Friday, January 16, 2015

Week of January 19th

We finished our book, Thinking with Mathematical Models with a quiz last Friday. This week we will start the book, Growing, Growing, Growing where we will learn about exponential growth and decay.

Monday: No school

Tuesday: New book: Growing, Growing, Growing (GGG) Problem 1.1
    HW: Exponent Practice - ( due Thursday

Wednesday: GGG Problem 1.2

Thursday: GGG Problem 1.2/1.3
    HW: Scientific Notation Practice (Cavalcade Publishing) due Monday

Friday: GGG Problem 1.3

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week of January 12th

We will finish up our unit, Thinking with Mathematical Models this week. There is a project assigned today that will be due Friday and we will take the final quiz Friday. Any missing work from Investigations 4 or 5 are due by 3:45pm on Friday.

Monday: Finish Investigation 4
    HW: TWMM Project-packet handed out in class today
      Due Friday at the beginning of the hour

Tuesday: Investigation 5 Problem 5.1

Wednesday: Problem 5.1/5.3
    HW: Project check-in. Bring project to class and share progress to earn one bonus point on the quiz.

Thursday: Problem 5.3
    Any missing work from Investigations 4 or 5 is due by 3:45pm today.

Friday: Investigations 4 & 5 Quiz - Project due at the beginning of the hour
    HW: Equation Practice DD36 due Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week of January 5th

Welcome back from break! We are continuing the book Thinking With Mathematical Models this week.

Monday: No school

Tuesday: Problem 4.1 A, B, D
    HW: pg. 74 #31-35 due Thursday

Wednesday: Problem 4.2

Thursday: Problem 4.3 A, B, C, D 1&2, E 1&2
    HW: Pg. 97 #3 and pg. 99 #5 (on a worksheet) due Monday

Friday: Problem 4.4