Monday, September 24, 2012

We finished Investigation 2 last week and the students are getting their quizzes back to look at in class today. Overall, they did really well. The only struggle I saw was finding the coefficient (rate) and the y-intercept (starting point) in the equation. We will review this today and tomorrow on bell work and students are welcome to make quiz corrections (earning half credit).

Monday: Problem 3.1
    Homework: Properties Worksheet - due Wednesday
      **note - we are doing the matching portion in class, since I handed back quizzes today we did not have enough time to finish the matching. We will finish that tomorrow in class.

Tuesday: Problem 3.1/3.2

Wednesday: Problem 3.2/3.3
    Homework: pg. 57 #3, 4 & pg. 60 #18, 19 due Friday

Thursday: Problem 3.3

Friday: Problem 3.3 - maybe start 3.4
    Homework: Properties Worksheet due Monday

Have a great week!
Mrs. Anderson

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