Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moving Straight Ahead Unit Test

The Unit Test for Moving Straight Ahead is scheduled for next Wednesday, October 24th. The study guide was handed out in class today. I had the students write two due dates at the top:

Monday, October 22nd - "Rough Draft" due date - This means students need to bring their study guide with all the problems they know how to do completed. They need to be prepared to ask questions about the problems they don't understand.

Wednesday, October 24th - "Final Draft" due date - This means the study guide needs to be completed.

I am not assigning any other homework between now and Wednesday. I have told the students this is because I want them to work at least 15 minutes each day on their study guide. This is the best way to study for the unit test.

On page 1 of the study guide it asks the students to use their calculator. We will do this in class tomorrow (October 18th).

Other things to know:
The study guide is worth 25 points
No corrections are allowed on unit tests.
Any missing work/corrections for this unit are due October 24th.
We will begin a new unit on Monday, October 29th. I will collect Moving Straight Ahead and hand out the new book.
I have tentatively scheduled two study/review sessions next week - Monday after school (3:15 to 3:45) and Wednesday before school (7:15 to 7:45). I will let you know if this changes.

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