Monday, January 28, 2013

Week of January 28th

We are almost through Investigation 3 and we have discovered the Pythagorean Theorem! We will be practicing the theorem quite a bit this week.
Looking ahead - I am tentatively planning the unit test for Tuesday, February 5th. I will have more information later in the week.

Monday: Finish LFP problem 3.3, begin 3.4
    Homework: Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet (Kuta top left corner) due Wednesday

Tuesday: LFP Problem 3.4

Wednesday: LFP Problem 3.4
    Homework: Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet (CC-53 at the bottom) due Friday

Thursday: LFP Problem 4.2

Friday: LFP Problem 4.2 - possibly start reviewing
    Homework: Study guide for Looking For Pythagoras due with the unit test

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