Friday, February 7, 2014

Update to Week of February 3rd

I have adjusted homework and classwork after our snow days. I have told students today that the homework assignment from Monday, pg. 18 #14 and the homework from Wednesday, Scientific Notation Practice are now due on Monday. I didn't feel it was fair for them to be due today when students did not have the opportunity to ask questions.
I shifted today's homework assignment, pg. 19 #15 to Monday and it is now due on Wednesday.

Our anticipated schedule now:

Friday: Problem 1.3
    HW: pg. 18 #14 & Scientific Notation due Monday 2/10

Monday: Problem 2.1
    HW: pg. 19 #15 due Wednesday 2/12

Tuesday: Problem 2.2

Wednesday: Problem 2.3
    HW: TBD

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