Monday, April 7, 2014

Week of April 7th

Our testing did not work out last week and has been postponed until April 29th and 30th. If this changes I will let you know. We are continuing our book Say It With Symbols this week.

Monday: SIWS Problem 3.1
    HW: Volume Practice (Kuta) due Wednesday - we went over these in class and the formulas are on their bellwork. If they forget to bring home the bellwork, I have told them it is okay to find the formulas online.

Tuesday: SIWS Problem 3.1/3.2

Wednesday: SIWS Problem 3.2
    HW: pg. 57 10-17 due Friday

Thursday: SIWS Problem 3.3

Friday: SIWS Problem 3.4
    HW: pg. 58 24-26 due Monday

Looking Ahead: The quiz over Investigations 2 & 3 will be Monday, April 14th.

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