Monday, May 5, 2014

Week of May 5th

We took our last unit test on Friday! The next two weeks we will work in the book It's In the System (IITS) to help prepare for high school math. We will have a final quiz on Thursday, May 15th.

Monday: IITS Problem 1.1
    HW: pg. 14 5-8 due Wednesday (except 5th hour-due Thursday)

Tuesday: IITS Problem 2.1

Wednesday: IITS Problem 2.1/2.2 (except 5th hour - career fair)
    HW: pg. 14 & 15 9-20 due Friday

Thursday: IITS Problem 2.2/2.3

Friday: IITS Problem 2.3
    HW: pg. 34 23-31 due Monday

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