Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week of January 16th

We practiced writing equations on Friday, so we are starting 2.2 this week.

Monday: We will draw a Real Number System diagram then do Problem 2.2.
    Homework: pg. 38 #26-28 (more practice solving equations) due Wednesday
Tuesday: Finish 2.2 and start 2.4 (we are skipping 2.3)
Wednesday: Finish 2.4
    Homework: Rational Number Worksheet (from the diagram we created) due Friday
Thursday: Review Thinking With Mathematical Models
Friday: Bellwork Quiz (includes squares and square roots, real number system, and slope and y-intercept)
            TWMM Final Quiz - This will cover Investigation 1 and Investigation 2. See the following readiness checklist I gave the students on Monday, January 16th.
The following concepts will be covered on the final quiz. Put a check mark by the concepts you already understand. Put a question mark (?) by the concepts you are struggling with.

1) Completing patterns in a table (like hw pg. 20 #32)
2) Writing equations when given:
    a) A graph (pg. 36 11-18)
    b) The slope and a point on the line (pg. 36 11-18)
    c) A real world situation comparing two companies costs (Problem 2.2, 2.4)
3) Using an equation you have written (2c)
4) Deciding which graph matches the given table (throughout the book)
5) Understanding the difference between linear and non-linear relationship (throughout the book)

    Homework: Rational Numbers Worksheet due Monday

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you! Mrs. Anderson

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