Monday, January 9, 2012

Week of January 9th

The second semester is in full swing! Last week we had fun testing bridge strength and bridge length. This week we will look at patterns in building designs.

Monday: TWMM Problem 1.3
   Homework: pg. 15 #6 due Wednesday
Tuesday: Finish TWMM Problem 1.3
Wednesday: Investigation 1 Check-up - Start Investigation 2 Problem 2.1
    Homework: pg. 19 19-26 CHOOSE 4 of the 8 problems due Friday
Thursday: Continue Problem 2.1 and start 2.2
Friday: Finish Problem 2.2
    Homework: pg. 33 #3 and pg. 35 # 6 a-c (I will give a handout for this) due Monday Jan. 16th

Have a great week!

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