Thursday, November 15, 2012

Samples and Populations Unit-Week of Nov. 19th

We will have the Investigation 1 Quiz next Monday, November 19th. This will be the end of the unit, when we return from Thanksgiving Break we will start a new unit.

I will let students know today that any missing work/ corrections are due by Tuesday, November 20th.

I will not assign homework over the break.

On Tuesday, November 20th we will take the Formative Assessment in the computer lab. This is a "practice" test for the state assessments. The test results let me know what concepts students understand and allow them the opportunity to practice test-taking strategies.

For this week (week of November 12th) I have changed the homework for Friday. Instead of the problem from the book the students will have a worksheet practicing percents. Many of them are still struggling with this in math class.

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