Monday, November 12, 2012

Week of November 12th

The students really enjoyed the election and exit poll last week. This week we are learning more about histograms and box and whisker plots.

Monday: S&P Problem 1.1 (except 3rd hour-we will start Tuesday)
    HW: pg. 22 # 27 a,b,c & pg. 23 # 31 due Wednesday

Tuesday: S&P Problem 1.1/1.2

Wednesday: S&P Problem 1.2
    HW: Make a histogram of the p.b. data due Friday

Thursday: Problem 1.3

Friday: Problem 1.3/ Review
    HW: pg. 24 # 33 due Monday

Looking Ahead:
 Monday, November 19th Formative Assessments in the computer lab
Tuesday, November 20th Investigation 1 Quiz

Have a great week!

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