Friday, November 30, 2012

Week of December 3rd

Wow! This school year is flying by! We have 14 school days left this semester. 2 days will be spent taking the DMCT. The other 12 days will be spent in our book Thinking With Mathematical Models, including the unit test scheduled for December 19th.
Here is our schedule for next week. Please note we only have two homework assignments this week because of DMCT testing. If your child already passed the DMCT they will not take it again.

Monday: Bellwork Quiz and Investigation 1 check-up. Begin Investigation 2
    Homework: pg. 19 #19-26 Choose 4 due Wednesday

Tuesday: Problem 2.1/2.2

Wednesday: Problem 2.2
    Homework: pg. 33 #3 and pg. 35 # 6 a-c. due Monday
                         Please note - this homework is from the book, but I am giving students a copy of the problems so they do not have to rewrite them. I have also posted a copy at the top of the blog.

Thursday: DMCT day 1

Friday: DMCT day 2

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